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Clean, simple design. That is our specialty. Many businesses are looking for a web presence but don't know where to start. Or maybe you have a website that isn't as professional as you would like it to be. This is where we can help.

You have options when you come to mimiDgraphics Web Design. We can design a website and maintain the content changes for you, or we can create a basic template that you can maintain on your own. One of the benefits of clean design is that basic changes can be made by anyone who can use a word processor.

Please don't confuse clean, simple design with low quality. Every design we produce is professional and suits the businesses we represent. Please contact me, Mimi D Delaglio, to discuss rates and let me help you promote your business on the web.


Edie M. Brown / Academic Therapist

A private tutor, Ms. Brown is best known for her knowledge and expertise in developing multisensory instruction in literacy and mathematics for learners with disabilities.


A web comic tale of polytheism and romance.


Video/Photography Portfolio

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